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140 students came together due to a passion to learn Computer Science. Thank you for coming!

October 26, 2019 @ Snapchat HQ in LA

AngelHacks was a 12-hour hackathon. 136 students from across LA teamed up and made epic projects! 83% of people that came were complete beginners and, by the end, 46 innovative projects were made and 100% of the participants had created and shipped a project! Keep a look out for AngelHacks 2.0!

Sticker Exchange!
Sticker Exchange!
Students build projects in groups
Students build projects in groups

A place for everyone.

Underrepresented students are systematically discouraged from pursuing tech. Schools in LA have little to no computer science education programs—and students aren't exposed to programming until late high school or college. We're hoping to encourage students of all backgrounds, ages, and location to learn and love programming. No matter who you are, you’re welcome here—and you’ll surprise yourself by what you can accomplish. 💛

Student's presented their ideas to the crowd
Student's presented their ideas to the crowd


  • General 1st: Peer To Peer Peer to Peer is an website to tutor and teach children for people who can't afford general education! It plans to revolutionize the way we learn and teach!

  • General 2nd: Here's what's happening to our Earth This project is a website for the environment. It includes a small paragraph for some of the most major environmental problems happening RIGHT NOW, donations, and a recycling game!

  • General 3rd: TrashCoin TrashCoin is a scavenger hunt-style game that incentivizes youth to pick up trash and litter by gamifying the process! This way we are able to get youth to clean up the earth!

  • Environment: Bee Health Bees, as you know, are dying due to habitat loss but recently, data shows that many deaths occur due to diseases or unseen harm. Bee Health allows scientists to understand bees and what harms them, ultimately giving more time for action using AI.

  • Education: /:Hacklete Hacklethe is a way to save time for hackathon goers! It takes the time left, and event info and compiles it all onto one site! The best part is that it also allows you to write seamless backend and frontend code together to save time!

  • Game: Pong with a Twist! An interactive and very educational and impactful pong game with a bar code scanner. This game allows you to scan barcodes for in game challenges!

  • Web Development: GMI They wanted to create something meaningful for their very first website, so they created a way to organize helpful sources for the classes we are taking in school. They configured a memorable domain name and also deployed it across the entire globe.


  • How much does it cost? 💸 Nothing! Registration and attendance are 100% free, with meals, drinks, swag, & workshops included. We'll even have prizes for the top scoring teams/individuals!

  • Who can participate? 🔭 Any current student grades 6–12. If you’re under/over that age, email us & we’ll see what we can do. And if you're interested in mentoring or helping out, hit us up too!

  • Hacking‽ Is that safe? 👨🏿‍💻 No, we’re not “hacking” servers. The word is being constructively redefined for coding—apps, games, websites. It’s safe, supervised, & entirely educational. Now go look somewhere else, RSA.

  • What can I make? 🤖 Anything! A website, app, game, hardware hack, you name it. Judges will rate projects on creativity, technical skill demonstrated, polish, utility, and, last but not least, impact on the community.

  • What if I’m new to coding? 👾 At AngelHacks, complete beginners are not only welcome, but expected! Learn as you go with our intro workshops & mentors.

  • Do I need a team? 👨‍👧‍👧 Nope! You’ll have an opportunity to meet fellow hackers and make teams of up to 4—find some new friends, bring yours, or work alone.

  • What should I bring? 🧳 Plan to bring a student ID, computer (any kind), chargers, anything for your hack (e.g. hardware), and enthusiasm! We'll provide snacks and meals, so you don't have to worry about that!

  • Who runs this? Is it supervised? 👨‍🏫 We’re independently-organized by high schoolers, mostly from Ad Astra Hack Club, sponsored via a nonprofit called Hack Club. It’s fully supervised with 20+ adult mentors & chaperones.


  • Construct 3 Games Construct 3 is a HTML-based game editor that allows you to make super awesome games. You can build your first game with Construct 3 with Melody!
  • Intro to Programming Never programmed in your life? No problem! This workshop will help you understand the basics of programming, control flow, data structures, and more with Javascript, a very popular web programming language.
  • Make your own Website will teach a workshop on making a website and start with a general introduction to software engineering and then move into teaching HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and then finally demonstrate the deeper end of the spectrum which is a demo of running a Doom 3 web assembly demo in the browser.
  • VexIQ Robotics Looking to make a hardware hack? We'll have a robotics workshops that'll teach you how to build and code a robot that can do whatever you want, be it picking up your trash or folding your laundry.
  • Intro to Game Dev Game development is a great (and fun!) introduction to programming. You'll be using Unity to make a simple (or complex) game.
  • GitKraken GitKraken is a very useful tool in project development! It's used to deploy code onto GitHub as well as being a workflow. This is a quick workshop for more skilled programmers that are looking for a faster way to work.
  • Meme Generator As the name suggest, you'll be making a meme generator website... for the laughs! (And if you want, for the reddit karma...)
  • Intro to Ethereum and Blockchain Cryptocurrency is so popular nowadays, but do we really know what it is? This workshop covers what blockain is and how it works, as well as why ethereum is different from bitcoin/ You'll also learn about solidity and what a smart contract is, and you'll be able to make and deploy a Token contract within the hour!


  • General Winners1st place: Guided SpaceX Tour and a special plaque! 2nd place: AirPods and a SpaceX Tour! 3rd place: A SpaceX Tour!
  • Education Category Winner(s) Echo Dots
  • Environment Category Winner(s) JBL Go Speakers Cloudsploit PRO and PREMIUM memberships
  • Best Web Hack mentorship and support on your projects.
  • Best Game Hack Retro gaming consoles
  • Your prize, for attending!

    1. Balsamiq 90-day membership
    2. SashiDo credits 30-day membership
    3. Wolfram 30-day membership
    4. Cloudsploit Basic membership!


Repl.itHack Club BankFrank.lyAd AstraBalsamiqZeitSpaceXProctor & GambleRolling RobotsGoGuardianNational Space Society

Additional support from

SketchShaweeSashidoBugseeDesmosDeepAIWolframCloudSploitIntegral StudioSticker MuleAreteem


Judges will look over your project and evaluate it based on certain factors, such as impact, design, and utility.

  • David Liberman

    David Liberman Co-founder of, lead. he/him

  • Daniil Liberman

    Daniil Liberman Co-founder of, lead. he/him

  • Peter Griggs

    Peter Griggs Co-Founder of DeepAI. he/him

  • Zach Latta

    Zach Latta Hack Club Founder. he/him

  • Megh Vakharia

    Megh Vakharia Co-Founder, CTO of Integral Studio. he/him

  • Scott Gruber

    Scott Gruber Designer and developer at UCLA's IoES. he/him

  • John Lewellen

    John Lewellen Founder of Modernbrain. he/him


AngelHacks is primarily run by a few students at the Ad Astra Hack Club.

  • Claire

    Claire Wang Executive Director, founder. she/her

  • Kai

    Kai Executive Director, co-founder. he/him

  • Damian

    Damian Executive Director, co-founder. he/him

Other Team Members

  • Yasper

    Yasper DeJong Regional Coordinator. he/him

  • Evan

    Evan Nishi Advisor. he/him

  • Neel

    Neel Redkar Technology. he/him

  • Ryan

    Ryan Catullo Outreach. he/him

  • Jacob

    Jacob Haap Advisor. he/him